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Positive Behavioral Supports (PBIS)

At Horace Mann, we use a variety of tools --called Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) -- to help children at all developmental levels succeed with the many demands of the school setting.  We believe that different children need different levels of support to be safe, respectful and responsible in the various areas of our school.  By making expectations very clear, reinforcing success and partnering with kids and parents to address difficulties, we aim for students to develop their own internal motivation and ability to self-regulate.  

One way we work toward those goals is our school wide implementation of mindfulness strategies.  Mindfulness can be defined as "attention to the present moment with kindness."  Regularly occurring mindfulness practice are part of kids' school day here at Horace Mann, and each teacher has autonomy about how to match the resources with the needs of the students. Our aim is for students to become self-sufficient with soothing themselves when they are agitated, and gathering focus when their attention is scattered.  

Relatedly, our school is embarking on an exploration of Growth Mindset this year.  We will be emphasizing the power of yet (as in "I can't do this...yet") and the need to learn from failure (rather than become discouraged).  We hope our whole school community will be enriched by developing this life-influencing habit of mind!

A PBIS Guide for Parents brochure is provided in hard copy to parents at our Back to School event and is available through the office anytime.